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Transfaith Suicide Prevention Course

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey reported a 41% attempted suicide rate among participating people of transgender experience (compared to 1.6% in mainstream populations). Beyond those shocking statistics are communities of people struggling with isolation, trauma, and hopelessness. 

Many of us want to help, but worry that we might do more harm than good.

This course is designed to nurture strength and resilience among transgender communities by turning "well-meaning" community members into "well-prepared" care-givers, in order to counter that trend.

This 4-session online course, led by an experienced facilitator

  • places suicide statistics in a broader context, 
  • teaches intervention skills (QPR Gatekeeper training is included), and
  • helps participants clarify their role in safe-guarding transgender communities.

Upon completion of this course, participants will

  • Understand the significance of suicide in transgender communities,
  • Talk about suicide in safe and accurate ways,
  • Recognize someone at risk for suicide,
  • Be prepared to respond appropriately to anyone who may be suicidal, as well as survivors who may be at risk,
  • Identify strategies and resources that nurture resilience in transgender communities,
  • Know about the importance of self-care in order to counteract secondary trauma.

Content is suitable for community members, clergy, loved ones, and anyone who wants to help prevent suicide in their community.

Groups are encouraged to participate in the course together, offering additional layers of team-building and mutual support. Contact us to strategize about raising funds to cover the cost.


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