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Pastoral and Spiritual Care with Transgender Communities

This workshop brings together pastoral/spiritual care providers, people of transgender experience, family, and friends, to discuss the challenges and possibilities of offering pastoral and spiritual care in transgender communities.

While there is a long history of pastoral/spiritual care providers serving as a resource to other populations, religious bigotry against both transgender and same-gender-loving people has created distance between pastoral/spiritual care providers and transgender communities.

In many cases, well-meaning pastoral/spiritual care providers simply don't have the knowledge and experience to feel confident serving transgender communities. Yet pastoral/spiritual care providers have so much to offer!

This workshop frames an introductory conversation and then invites participants to bring their own wisdom and experience to the dialogue. 

"Pastoral and Spiritual Care with Transgender Communities" is a 80- or 90- minute discussion-based workshop, designed to build a learning community, recognizing that we are all on a journey of discovery, with much to learn from one another. 

Contact the Transfaith Institute to inquire about hosting this workshop at your conference or other gathering.


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