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Beyond Visibility



We live in a time when transgender visibility is on the rise. But visibility by itself is dangerous if it is not accompanied by real life support mechanisms and an embrace of transgender leadership.

The Transfaith for Allies series advocates for a ladder of transgender strength that resources awareness and visibility, while also exploring ways that allies can be of practical support to transgender people in their lives.

  • Visibility - Building Awareness
  • Viability - Building in Partnership
  • Vitality - Building with Transgender Leadership

Transfaith for Allies: An Introduction introduces the "sphere of influence" concept to help allies focus their efforts in places where they are well positioned to have an immediate an impact.

While allies are critical, Transfaith believes that the strength of transgender communities emanates from first valuing the leadership and lived experience of transgender people themselves.

Not everyone has access to seasoned transgender leaders, but all Transfaith Institute programming is designed and led by transgender spiritual/cultural workers who are eager to engage you about how you can get involved.

Everyone has NEXT STEPS that they can take in support of the 3 V's (ladder of trangender strength)!

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This free, on demand survey course highlights the work of transgender leaders at the forefront of transgender liberation struggles and the issues they face.

Free, self-guided, and on-demand, Transfaith for Allies: An Introduction is designed to help well-meaning allies begin to find our place in relationship with transgender communities.