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Transfaith Coaches is a program for people who are interested in receiving support in their efforts to work with transgender communities.

  • Sorting through big emotions
  • Finding appropriate resources
  • Developing a plan of action
  • Getting perspective on it all

We understand that working with transgender communities involves navigating privilege, secondary trauma, and new bodies of knowledge.

Transfaith Coaches will work with you one-on-one to sort through your specific situation and help you identify strategies, resources, and your next steps.

All Transfaith Coaches are

  • transgender-identified
  • familiar with Transfaith Institute course work
  • supported by Transfaith networks
  • trained as coaches

That means that you have access to a skilled coach who can bring lived experience and knowledge of transgender communities.

Note: While Transfaith Coaches conversations provide an open, intimate space for delving into sensitive issues, Transfaith Coaches is not a counseling, pastoral care, or therapeutic relationship. Transfaith Coaches is a professional resource to aid you in your personal growth as an ally and advocate, while encouraging you to develop a variety of relevant support mechanisms to meet your particular needs.


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