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Everyone Needs Support



One of the critical assumptions of the Transfaith for Allies series is that everyone needs support.

That doesn't mean everyone needs the same kind of support.  That doesn't mean that every place should support everyone equally. But everyone needs support!

The Transfaith for Allies series is designed to provide support for people who want to deepen their commitment to caring for diverse transgender communities. We are setting aside this space to support our allies in their efforts to support us.

In addition to content in the interactive content and discussion in the course room for each module, Transfaith for Allies: Office Hours provide an informal space for live conversation with Transfaith leadership.

This is a journey we are taking together, so we want to be available to you!

If you need more support, you can also request a Transfaith coaching session to talk through your needs.

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We live in a time when transgender visibility is on the rise. But visibility by itself is dangerous if it is not accompanied by real life support mechanisms and an embrace of transgender leadership.

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As a multi-tradition, multi-racial, multi-gender organization, Transfaith believes that "ally work" is for all of us as we work together across all kinds of differences in life experience and...