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Transfaith for Allies

The Transfaith for Allies series is designed to be useful to transgender and non-transgender people who want to deepen our commitment to caring for diverse transgender communities.


Free, self-guided, and on-demand, Transfaith for Allies: An Introduction is designed to help well-meaning allies begin to find our place in relationship with transgender communities.

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Office Hours

Transfaith for Allies: Office Hours is an informal time for Transfaith leadership to hear more from you about your questions, needs, and even big ideas! Office Hours provide a live and flexible opportunity to access transgender leadership.

Time of day, day of week, and host will vary. Check the course room for details on how to access Office Hours through your phone or internet connection.

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Friends and Family Certification

The Transfaith for Allies: Friends and Family certification is an entry level series emphasizing basic transgender awareness and the desire to “do no harm.” Perfect for loved ones seeking support while they build their own confidence.

Understanding Transgender Communities
Coming Soon!

What is Gender?

Non Binary Intensive

Intersex Experience

Transgender Families

Launching Spring 2017

Spiritual Care Certification

The Transfaith for Allies: Spiritual Care certification will provide more context for allies who are in caring roles, whether formal or informal. This series emphasizes issues relating to providing practical support for transgender communities.

Launching Fall 2017

Caring for Transgender Families Certification

The Transfaith for Allies: Caring for Transgender Families certification will provide a more detailed conversation in support of those who care for transgender families.

Anticipated in 2018


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Transfaith for Allies
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We live in a time when transgender visibility is on the rise. But visibility by itself is dangerous if it is not accompanied by real life support mechanisms and an embrace of transgender leadership.

The Transfaith for Allies...

One of the critical assumptions of the Transfaith for Allies series is that everyone needs support.

That doesn't mean everyone needs the same kind of support.  That doesn't mean that every place should support everyone...

As a multi-tradition, multi-racial, multi-gender organization, Transfaith believes that "ally work" is for all of us as we work together across all kinds of differences in life experience and...