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3 Vs of Transgender Strength

The 3 Vs from Transfaith provide a strategic framework for developing transgender strength. They help us seek balance in our efforts to support transgender communities.

The 3 Vs are Visibility, Viability, Vitality.


The 3 Vs will be referenced through Transfaith Institute programming, both directly and indirectly. The following handouts have been developed as focal points for conversations inspired by the 3 Vs and can be used in your own education and facilitation as long as Transfaith is credited.

3 Vs of Transgender Strength

Triple Threats

Beyond Remembrance (3 Rs)

3 As of Transgender Integration

Education and Support

Transfaith is committed to supporting advocates in local and national settings to integrate the 3Vs in their work for and with transgender communities.

Transfaith for Allies: Our Transfaith for Allies series emphasizes values, emotional intelligence, and relationship.  The entry level Transfaith for Allies: An Introduction is available as a self-guided online course.

Transfaith Coaches: For a more personal touch, you can schedule a one-on-one coaching session with an experienced Transfaith coach who can work with you to support you in exploring your questions, insecurities, and strategic concerns.

NEXT STEP Communities: Use the 3Vs to develop your team and build a NEXT STEPS plan for how your organization can better serve transgender communities. This seminar format includes peer support opportunities both within your team and in collaboration with other organizations.




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