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The Transfaith™ Institute equips and empowers community members to provide care and support for people of transgender experience.

  • Have you gotten all you can from "Transgender 101"?
  • Are you interested in developing knowledge and skills to be of practical support to the people you encounter in your life?

If so, you've come to the right place!

NEW Suicide Prevention Online Course

Transfaith is now scheduling for our 4-session online course in transgender suicide prevention. [More]

Our Transfaith Institute community care blog is debuting this summer, using material from our time at the 2013 Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference.

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In the midst of the mainstream media tackling transgender issues, it's important for our allies to be vocal and persistent.

In "Chelsea Manning and the Battle for Trans Inclusive Healthcare Without Bias," Janet Mock talks about freedom and safety for all transgender people.

"Five Questions for Transgender Chaplain Cameron Partridge" by Lauren Markoe in the Religion News Service inadvertently engages us around the misgendering of transgender people.

Positively Aware magazine takes on stigma and shame -- as well as authenticity and the power of hope -- in relation to continuing HIV infection rates, with Jeff Berry and Cecilia Chung.

In the Transfaith family, we've been hearing from our Black and Brown siblings that the Zimmerman verdict has brought home a deep sense of risk and vulnerability.


Check out new partnerships and resources around Transgender Day of Remembrance, including an online organizer's toolkit.

Executive Director, Chris Paige, writes for the Believe Out Loud blog about how allies need to listen deeply -- to keep opening ourselves to the experiences of all kinds of "others."

Responding to a participant request, we are highlighting a really good 20 minute "Transgender 101" video to get people started in the conversation.

The new Suicide Prevention Course from the Transfaith Institute will make its public debut in partnership with United Church of Christ's New York School of Ministry.

The Transfaith Institute is launching our first online course! Suicide is such a devastating reality in transgender communities that we made it our top priority.


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