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The Transfaith™ Institute equips and empowers community members to provide care and support for people of transgender experience.

  • Have you gotten all you can from "Transgender 101"?
  • Are you overwhelmed from trying to figure out what's going on in transgender communities?
  • Are you interested in developing knowledge and skills to be of practical support to the people you encounter in your life?

If so, you've come to the right place!

Transfaith for Allies

As a multi-tradition, multi-racial, multi-gender organization, Transfaith believes that "ally work" is for all of us as we work together across all kinds of differences in life experience and perspective.

The Transfaith for Allies series is designed to be useful to transgender and non-transgender people who want to deepen our commitment to caring for transgender communities.

More about the Transfaith for Allies series...

Highlighted Course

An Introduction

This Free, On-Demand, Self-Guided online course looks at skills and concepts to help well-meaning allies begin to find our place in transgender communities.

This course is a starting place and an invitation to journey with us. It is NOT designed to answer all of your questions about transgender people.

  • The Importance of You
  • The Importance of Relationship
  • The Importance of Humility
  • The Importance of NEXT STEPS


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The Transfaith Institute is a learning community, where we all have something to learn and we all have something to share. We value your ideas and questions as an important part of our conversation together.

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